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This list is for reference purposes only and does not reflect endorsement by the IDRC.


Grammatical support tools allow people who have difficulties with their grammar to make their computing and writing much easier. Good grammatical support can benefit even those without any learning disability or who do not think of themselves as having any significant grammar troubles. The software listed here is separated into two major categories. The first, grammar correction and support, is for programs designed to run in the background and monitor grammar as the user writes. The second, grammar learning aids, contains programs designed to actively improve the grammar of the user.

Windows Grammar Correction and Support:

  • WordLogic Desktop - makes multiple typing suggestions (predictions) based on powerful built-in dictionaries, and also adjusts to a specific user by learning and storing the text you use every day - including words, phrases, names, email addresses, and phone numbers. It offers unique integration into applications beyond your basic text editing programs. Also available in a USB key format.
  • Grammar Slammer from English Plus+
    • Windows toolbar to supplement the grammar checker in any Windows word processor.
    • Contains complete grammar reference in a Windows help file format
    • Reference file available for several non-Windows operating systems
  • Super Spell Checker from Glacier Entertainment
    • An independent piece of windows software that brings spell checking to programs without that feature, such as ICQ and IRC
  • Grammar Expert Plus from Wintertree Software
      A piece of spelling and grammar checking software with a built-in thesaurus.
    • Can sit in the Windows taskbar and wait until it is needed.
    • Cannot be used directly from the word processor. Text to be checked must be imported.
  • Oxford ACE Centre offers a word prediction software called  Prophet Multi 1.0, a word prediction software that features intelligent word endings, a word pair dictionary an facilities for speech output and Word Aid 2.0, a flexible writing tool that offers wordlists to supplement the users vocabulary.
  • Word Web Pro
    • A powerful Windows thesaurus and dictionary.
    • Finds words based on a large variety of different relationships: synonyms, anagrams, antonyms.
    • Supports integration with Microsoft Word
  • Write Away
    • A full-featured Windows word processor with several built-in accessibility functions.
    • Includes: word prediction, spell-checking and text to speech

Windows Grammar Learning Aids

Macintosh Grammar Aids

  • TypeIt4Me
    • Macintosh software that expands the MS-Word Auto correct function(automatic expansion of abbreviations, including custom abbreviations and shortcuts) to all applications.

Online Resources

    • an online dictionary and thesaurus.
    • an online dictionary that uses several databases.
  • OneLook Dictionary
    • looks for definitions of words and phrases in other dictionary websites.
  • Grammar Bytes
    • online exercises and grammar reference guides.
    • Grammar for reading and writing
  • LD Resources
    • A web site with many links and lots of information regarding learning disabilities of all types and tools that are available for assistance.