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More up-to-date Information regarding Linux Accessibility can be found at the Linux Accessibility Resource Site:
This site is hosted by the IDRC.



This list is for reference purposes only and does not reflect endorsement by the IDRC.


Linux is a free, open-source Operating System distributed under the Free Software Foundation's GNU General Public License(GPL) that has grown in popularity in the past few years. Because of the non-commercial nature of Linux, the accessibility options can be hard to find. These links are a starting point for Linux accessibility.

Screen Readers

  • Emacspeak is a speech interface that allows visually impaired users to interact independently and efficiently with the computer.

Alternative Input

  • Morse All is a Morse code interface for Linux that allows the user to interact with the computer by entering Morse code through the buttons of a mouse.

Screen Magnification

  • XVI Terminal from BEAM - screen magnification and screen reading software for Linux
  • GMag - screen magnification for the GNOME environment
    • requires GNOME development environment to compile.
    • Offers continuous magnification while you work
  • Gnopernicus - an integrated screen reader and magnifier for Gnome and compatible applications

On-screen Keyboard

  • GOK
    The GOK (GNOME On-screen Keyboard) project is an open source software development project designed to create advanced alternative input solutions for the linux/ unix environment.

Braille Support

  • BRLTTY - Access Software for Unix for a Blind Person Using a Soft Braille Terminal
    • provides access to the Linux console


Optical Character Recognition

  • Ocrad - "The GNU OCR" - based on a feature extraction method
  • Clara OCR - Windows X-based character recognition software designed for large projects. *The Linux ClaraOCR website is presently not working. It appears that the interface is being updated. Only the 2003 version is available for download, from the Clara geocities site
  • GOCR/JOCR - character recognition software designed to allow easy porting to many Operating Systems.
    • supports a large variety of image formats
    • also available for free download in MS-DOS and Windows versions
    • still in development, not all features are fully supported

Voice Recognition


The IDRC also hosts the Linux Accessibility Resource Site: