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Author: Jutta Treviranus

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Table of Contents

Finding Funding Sources

Know What You Want

Find Partners

Identify Possible Funders

Get to Know Your Funder

Writing the Proposal

Plan the Project


Establish a Good Track Record

Corporate Giving

Generating Revenue




Finding Funding Sources

    Jutta Treviranus

    Centre for Academic and Adaptive Technology

    University of Toronto

Know What You Want

  • Classify your project

    • Research
    • Development
    • Infrastructure
  • How much support do you need

  • How long will it take

  • What can you contribute

Who else is doing similar things



Find Partners

  • Industrial Partners

    • Whatís in it for them?
    • What do you want from them?
    • Intellectual property rights and ownership
  • Private Sector Partners

    • Common goals
    • Division of roles and responsibilities
    • Lines of communication

Identify Possible Funders

  • Web Pages

    • e.g. Strategis
  • Research and Development Departments

  • Press Releases

Reference Books


Get to Know Your Funder

  • What are their values

  • What do they say they want to fund

  • What have they funded before

  • What is their lingo

  • Who are the reviewers, what is the process

    • What is their world view and knowledge base
    • What criteria have they been given

Writing the Proposal

  • The Onion Test

  • Use the right language

  • Include the buzz words

  • Establish your identity and credibility

  • Include all that is required and then some

Get it reviewed


Plan the Project

  • Map out the plan in broad brushstrokes and then in fine detail

  • Carefully assess the risks

  • Donít promise anything you canít deliver

Plan the infrastructure for completing the project


  • Schedules and Gantt Charts

  • Resource Allocation

  • Project Planning, Project Tracking

Budget Schedules


Establish a Good Track Record

  • Reports

  • Publicizing

Financial and Technical Audits


Corporate Giving

  • Making the connection

  • What is your appeal?

  • Nothing is for free

Supporting long term costs


Generating Revenue

  • What do you have to sell?

  • How to assess value

  • Finding customers