IDRC - Celebrating 25 Years

1993 - 2018

Continuing Our Work During COVID-19

Read the letter regarding COVID-19 by IDRC Director, Jutta Treviranus.

The IDRC is a research and development centre at OCAD University where an international community of open source developers, designers, researchers, advocates, and volunteers work together to ensure that emerging information technology and practices are designed inclusively. The group promotes inclusion in a full complement of activities:

  • growing design and development practices
  • creating tools that others can use and contribute to
  • teaching the principles and techniques of inclusive design
  • advocating for inclusion in international standards
  • providing services that match solutions with individuals

What is Inclusive Design?

Inclusive design is design that considers the full range of human diversity with respect to ability, language, culture, gender, age and other forms of human difference.

Designing inclusively results in better experiences for everyone.

Read  What is Inclusive Design.

Working Collaboratively

The IDRC supports open standards - as well as open access and open source wherever possible - to distribute our work as widely as possible and to encourage broad participation in our initiatives. All our work is collaborative.

The IDRC welcomes collaborators to get involved with our new projects.

We are always excited to work with people who are passionate, curious, and collaborative. Below are a few ways you can get involved and join the IDRC community:

  • Share your ideas: Inclusive design means you. Give us feedback on our work. Tell us about your experience
  • Create something: We hope our tools help you build more inclusive solutions -- let us know how it goes.
  • Come hang out with us: the IDRC is a deeply team-oriented environment interested in learning from and teaching others. Come visit us physically or virtually.
  • Contribute: Spend some time helping us with demos, documentation, design research, testing, User Experience testing, visual design, development, and more...
  • Tell others: Help spread the word about the work the IDRC is doing.

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A word about our move

As of August 1, 2010 the group formerly known as the Adaptive Technology Resource Centre has a new home and a new name. ATRC moved to OCAD University in Toronto and was renamed the Inclusive Design Research Centre and the Inclusive Design Institute. The mission of the IDRC continues to be the inclusive design of emerging information and communication systems and practices.