IDRC - Celebrating 25 Years

1993 - 2018

Continuing Our Work During COVID-19

Read the letter regarding COVID-19 by IDRC Director, Jutta Treviranus.

The IDRC sees disability as a mismatch between the needs of the individual and the service, education, tools or environment provided. Accessibility, then, is the adaptability of the system to the needs of each individual. Our research, development, education and service are all grounded in this principle.

The IDRC supports open standards - as well as open access and open source wherever possible - to distribute our work as widely as possible and to encourage broad participation in our initiatives. IDRC teams work in highly collaborative and transparent communities.

We are actively working on a number of new and ongoing projects that could use your participation.

How can I get involved?

The IDRC is always looking for new community members, researchers, students, organizations or volunteers. Because the IDRC supports participatory design - we especially need your input if information and communication technologies and practices do not currently meet your needs.

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