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Group shot of the Dirty Dozen and Rae the dog

The 'Dirty' Dozen + 1

In the front is Dena Shumila with her arm around her pal Rae, crouching to Dena's right in yellow is Linda Hunter and kneeling to Linda's right is John (J.J.) Feld. Standing directly behind Dena, with the paddle is Joan Sinclair, standing to Joan's left is Linda (Lin) Haney and sitting to Lin(da)s left is Heather Willis. Finally, the back row - standing behind Heather, over her left shoulder is Theresa (George) MacInnis, to her right are the three Outward Bound Instructors, Cathy Purdon, Scott Kerby and Andrew Rucklidge, who, if they hadn't gone with us, we wouldn't look so happy or so alive!! Next to Ruck, in the Queen's shirt is Tina (Rosie) Denault or is it Rosie (Tina) Denault? She might be changing it so I'll keep you posted, - and me.

Well, I won't bore you too much! So here are just a couple of cool shots to whetten (that's probably not a word but it's sounds good!) your appetite

Look at the white water!!!!

Hail Queen Joan as she shoots the rapids
Heather, Scott and Joan

panoramic view of the river

Just Marvelous Country!

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