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Understanding Web Accessibility

Duration: a self-paced on-line course

Fee: Free

Location: online

Objectives: To have participants understand the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0), which are the bases for the AODA Information and Communication Technology (ICT) accessibility requirements, to experience barriers firsthand, and to come away with a variety of strategies that address accessibility.

Register: This course may be taken anonymously. Register an account and login in order to benefit from assessments, exercises, and forum interactions.

Audience: Both technical and non-technical audiences may take the course. The course is geared for designers involved in developing Web content or Web applications, and at decision makers who need to know about or plan accessibility in ICT.

Course Topics: WGAC Guidelines in laypersons terms, what accessibility barriers look and feel like technical strategies to avoid creating barriers and addressing usability, (accessible does not necessarily mean usable)