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1993 - 2018

Continuing Our Work During COVID-19

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Below are just a few of the resources available from the IDRC. For resources specific to a project, see project websites from the Research and Development section.

Inclusive Learning Design Handbook - a collection of articles to help teachers, content creators, Web developers, and others in creating adaptable and personalizable educational resources that can accommodate a diversity of learning preferences and individual needs.

Inclusive Design Guide - offers an easy-to-follow guide to help apply inclusive design insights, practices, tools, and activities to services, products, physical spaces, and inter-personal interactions and relationships.

SNOW - provides information and training about technologies and inclusive practices both in and outside the classroom. SNOW is for educators, parents, guardians and students and our resources are free whenever possible. SNOW is committed to providing open source tools that can be adapted and used freely.

The Assistive Technology glossary is a reference of assistive technologies, including descriptions of the technologies, how they work, things to consider when choosing technologies, as well as a list of developers and vendors where you can learn more. This glossary is now available on the SNOW website.

View the Assistive Technology Glossary

Online is a listing of resources found on the Web, generated by IDRC staff. They range from videos, to magazine article, research papers and conference slides, to tutorials and other educational materials.

View Online Resources