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Greg Gay M.A.

Technology Transfer Coordinator


Usable Web Environments

  • Beyond accessibility standards
  • Technical accessibility vs Practical usability
  • Usability applies to everyone (i.e. curb cuts)

General Usability Strategies

  • Reduce redundancy
    (e.g. empty Alt text)
  • Structure content
    (headings and lists)
  • Direct keyboard access
    (Tab, accesskey, bypass links, put your mouse away)
  • Layout description
    (opening table summary, or div title)
  • Consistency
    (templates, headers, footers)
  • Feedback
    (errors, warnings, confirmations)
  • Accessibility statement


  • Applies to group collaboration / E-learning environments / CMS / Portals etc.
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Location highlighting
  • Resume/Continue link
  • Form labelling
    (click target & explicit label)
  • Form Focus
    (primary form pages)
  • Relative sizing (%, em)
  • Authoring tool support for accessibility (ATAG)

AChat, ACollab (group communication)

  • Synchronous - (chat)
  • Auto refresh vs manual refresh
  • Top to bottom vs bottom to top
  • Keyboard access
  • New message announcement
  • Asynchronous - (forum, discussion board)
  • Structured displays (use headings, lists)
  • Search
  • Sorting
  • New messages/threads to top
  • New message announcement