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1993 - 2018

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Articles and Papers

The following links are to articles and papers written by the IDRC Staff.

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  1. The Value of the Statistically Insignificant (published in EDUCAUSE Review® Online)
  2. Leveraging Inclusion and Diversity as Canada's Digital Advantage
  3. Master’s Program: Inclusive Design Building the Brain Trust Needed to Support an Accessible Digital Future
  4. Abilities Magazine Articles
  5. You say tomato, I say tomato, let's not call the whole thing off: the challenge of UX design
  6. Inclusion Promotoes Innovation (Published 2007)
  7. Accessibility Issues with OOXML (Published 2008)
  8. Stylish Information Access: Cascading Stylesheets on the World Wide Web (CSUN 1998 )
  9. Stylish Information Access: Cascading Stylesheets (paper) (CSUN 1998 )
  10. Accessible Government Web Resources: Including Everyone in Online Access
  11. Best Practices
  12. Cascading StyleSheets and Accessiblity
  13. Caution: Tampering with Reality (for a good cause)
  14. Initial Survey of Reality Modelling Language Access Issues (Draft 1b)
  15. IMS Guidelianes for Developing Accessible Learning Applications
  16. Inclusion in an Electronic Classroom
  17. Virtual Reality Applications to Work (1998 )
  18. Adding Feeling, Sound and Equal Access to Distance Education (Paper)
  19. Haptic Applications to Virtual worlds
  20. High Technology Reading and Writing Devices for People with Vision Problems
  21. Outcome Measures for High Technology Vision Aids
  22. Outcome Measures in Vision Technology
  23. Adapting for Visual Impairment in Children with Abnormal Muscle Tone
  24. Click the Captions, Select the Descriptions
  25. Building Accessible Curriculum and Courseware Tools - Education Beyond the Campus (2000)
  26. Accessible Web-based Distance Education: Principles and Best Practices
  27. Adding Feeling, Sound and Equal Access to Distance Education
  28. Authoring Tool Support: "The Best Place to Improve the Web"
  29. SNOW ( Special Needs Opportunity Windows) Just-in-Time, On-Line Information for Educators
  30. Virtual Reality Applications to Work (1998 )
  31. Access to Web-based Special Education
  32. Nimble Document Navigation Using Alternative Access Tools
  33. Web Browsing through Adaptive Technology: A Consumer Information Resource (April 1996)
  34. Exploiting Web Tools to Make HTML Documents Accessible
  35. Pediatric Power (1995)
  36. Identifying and Adapting for Visual Impairment in the Client With Physical Disabilities (March 1996)
  37. VRML: Shouldn't Virtual Ramps be Easier to Build
  38. Alternative Access to the World Wide Web
  39. Increasing Access to World Wide Web Sites for Blind and Visually Impaired Computer Users (1996)
  40. Access Technologies for the Graphical User Interface
  41. The Electronic Campus and Equal Access to Higher Education
  42. Integrated Access To Powered Mobility, Tilter, Computer, And Environmental Control (June 1995)
  43. Mastering Alternative Computer Access: The Role of Understanding, Trust, and Automaticity