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1993 - 2018

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Accessible Rich Internet Applications - presented at FSOSS '07 Conference, Toronto 2007

An Introduction to the Fluid Project - presented at the Sakai Conference, Amsterdam 2007

Design Exchange Presentation - Universal Web Design
Presented by the Adaptive Technology Resource Centre as part of the Design Exchange’s Universal Design Series
Tuesday, May 24, 2005

"Courseware Accessibility - The Saga Continues" Assistive Technology in Higher Education Conference, Boulder Colorado
November 2001

Web Access - Evaluation and Repair Tools and Utilities Assistive Technology in Higher Education Conference, Boulder Colorado
November 2001

Accessible Web Design - Beyond ALT Text September 2001 

High Technology for Aging Vision July 2001

Inclusion in an Electronic Classroom: The Role of the Courseware Authoring Tool Developer: Presented at CSUN Conference 2001

Access to Web-based Special Education Conference Boulder Colorado November 15 - 17, 2000

The Instructional Environment: Optimizing Access to Web-Based Learning Resources Presented at AHEAD Conference July 15, 2000

Building Accessible Curriculum and Courseware Tools - Education Beyond the Campus (2000) Presented at CSUN 2000 Conference

Are You Reaching the Widest Audience? Published August 99 - Design Shops

Accessing the Future Published August 99 - Design Shops 
Linda Petty, University of Toronto, Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, Vision Technology Service
Conference Presentation on Technology for the Aging, 2001

Web Accessibility: Access to Information Exchange in the Workplace Presented at the Wellsizing Conference 2000
By Jutta Treviranus

How To Teach Over The Web, Accessibly Presented at the CSUN Conference - March 21, 2000
By Laurie Harrison, Jan Richards, and Jutta Treviranus

Finding Funding Sources Presented by Jutta Treviranus at SETTT 1998, Toronto, Ontario.

Future Trends, Emerging Technologies and Students with Special Needs Presented by Jutta Treviranus at SETTT 1998, Toronto, Ontario.

Meshing TechnologyPresented at Closing the Gap 17th Annual Conference, Minn. MN, Oct21 1999By Linda Petty, OT Clinical Specialist, ATRC

Getting it all together to take it on the road Presented by Linda Petty in October 1998 at the Pre-conference workshops at Closing the Gap, Minn. MN.

Client Centered Outcome Measures Presented by Linda Petty in September 1998 at Canadian Seating and Mobility Conference, Toronto ON.

Alternative Access to the Internet Presented by Linda Petty in June 1998 at the pre-conference workshops, RESNA, Minn. MN, June.

Nimble Document Navigation Using Alternative Access Tools (Presented at WWW6, Santa Clara, April 9th, 1997)Jutta Treviranus

Web Browsing through Adaptive Technology: A Consumer Information Resource (April 1996) (Presented at WWW6, Santa Clara, April 9th, 1997)Kevin Nguyen

Access to Online Catalogs and Electronic Documents (Presented at the American Library Association Annual Conference, New York, July 4-10, 1996) Jutta Treviranus